Our Parliamentary Seminars are unique intensive one-day studies of the parliamentary system, aim to illustrate how government is exercised through Parliament and to provide businesspeople with an insight into the practical workings of the House of Representatives, the effectiveness and limitations of select committees, the process of legislation, and the programming of parliamentary business.

Our seminars also offer a comprehensive insight into how the Executive (Cabinet) works and Ministerial office operations. There is also a focus on policy development and delivery and the relationship between Government departments/ministries and Parliament.

Each year the Trust runs one day seminars four times a year (except in an Election year) with two seminars under the title of Exercising Government though Parliament and two on The Machinery of Government and Parliament – Taking a Closer Look.  The seminars are held in Wellington at Parliament. Given the content and structure of these seminars, they are not offered virtually.

These seminars are only for employees of our corporate members. Refer to our corporate membership page to see if your company or employer is a member.