Corporate Membership General Overview

Corporate membership of the New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust is available to organisations who agree to support the Trust’s aim of advancing and encouraging business understanding of Parliament and Parliamentarians’ understanding of business.

Applicants for Corporate membership must give an undertaking to the Trust Board, who in electing organisations take into account sector balance, that:

  • the enterprise is willing to support the Trust’s educational purposes by committing the time to organising Study Programmes for Parliamentarians as well as give their own personnel time to benefit from reciprocal programmes;
  • the enterprise will not use its membership of the Trust for lobbying purposes.

Organisations applying for membership will be expected to participate in the Trust’s study scheme in providing meaningful programmes of study to enhance MPs’ understanding of business incorporating the programme aims listed under the section on Business Study Programmes.

Corporate subscription policy & criteria

The Trust is financed by the business community. Member companies pay a subscription to enable the Trust to provide study courses for Members of Parliament and business people.  These funds, and any other revenue earning activity, also meet costs associated with the work of the Trust.

Corporate members with an annual turnover in excess of NZ$100 million pay NZ$5,000 per annum + GST and those with turnover under NZ$100 million pay NZ$3,000 per annum + GST.  While Parliament does not provide financial support, it does make available, free of charge, venues in Parliament for the Trust’s Parliamentary Seminars, Business Overview events, AGMs and Board meetings. The Parliamentary Service makes available, space for the Secretariat to operate from.

Provisional Corporate Membership of the Trust was introduced in 2015 and will apply to those Corporate organisations who apply to join the Trust outside the allocation of full membership.  Provisional Corporate Members will pay half the subscription above and have restricted involvement in Trust activities.

Current Corporate Members